Introducing tutors for UKiset and Common Entrance Preparation

The Ukiset is designed to help international families prepare for entrance to UK schools, instead of sitting the British Common Entrance exams. It has become increasingly popular because it focuses on academic potential in addition to subject knowledge (which may be lacking in students following different curricula). It also helps avoid discrimination for non-native English speakers.

How to ensure successful UKiset Test Preparation

Ukiset is similar in make up to cognitive tests and students can prepare by focusing on key non-subject specific skills including verbal and non–verbal reasoning, spatial ability, quantitative ability and English language skills. We can provide introductions to specialist tutors who know the subjects that are being tested and -as importantly – know what is being looked for by the most competitive schools, such as Eton and Harrow.

Would your child benefit from help with UKiset?

We have a proud tradition of helping children from international families pass the Common Entrance and, more recently, the UKiset, with flying colours. The next step would be for you to send us an enquiry – you can be as specific as you like about the schools you want to apply for, or if you don’t know, we can make some suggestions. Then we may have an assessment and introduce a tutor. We can offer as much or as little help as you need.

  • We can introduce tutors to help prepare for the UKiset
  • Tutors to help your child pass the Common Entrance exam for UK schools
  • Full support with applications, interview preparation

Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with the UKiset organization