Tailored, experienced support to suit every child

For children who are having challenges at school because of a learning difficulty, or who are gifted and talented; the one to one attention of a specially trained private tutor will provide tremendous benefits to the child’s confidence and academic attainment.

Focusing on what a child can do; building confidence and success

One to one attention is particularly beneficial because your child can learn at his or her pace, with as much repetition as they need. There is plenty of room and time for kinaesthetic learning and a fully individualised education plan. Learning is accelerated in comparison to school which allows for additional time spent strengthening your child’s weaker areas and subjects.

What if you aren’t sure?

Learning difficulties are often over diagnosed, or mis-diagnosed. For many parents, there is suspicion that the, ‘experts’ may have got it wrong and that all that is needed is a guiding hand for their child. In other cases, educational needs are more obvious and the need for one to one help is more acute. A suitably qualified private tutor will work in harmony with your child, their teachers and any other support they may have, to build confidence and learning effectiveness. In some cases, full-time home schooling can also be of benefit to children with learning difficulties.

  • Specially qualified tutors to work with children with educational needs
  • A key reason for home schooling
  • One to one tutoring has excellent results

If you suspect your child might benefit from additional support please contact us for a discussion of the options that are available to you. Every child is unique and their needs are specific. We have a range of specialist case studies for you to read through if it is helpful.