Professional help delivered in a friendly and relaxed way

Struggling with a particularly difficult subject or a challenging stage of their school career can make even the brightest children frustrated, confused and unhappy.  Our expert mentors can gently and practically work with your child to unlock his or her potential so that they have a more positive outlook, build resilience and hopefully begin to enjoy the school and life more. Relationships with mentors can last for several months to several years, although improvements in motivation and results tend to be seen within weeks.

A helping hand for your child

A mentor helps children overcome their fears and the things that are holding them back. They help the child create a much needed confidence boost through the security they know they can talk about problems that are affecting them with someone they trust and respect but who is not in their direct family group, or associated with school.

Life changing results: learning through confidence

People often think that a Private Tutor, Governor or Governess and mentors are the same thing – they’re not at all! Mentors are dedicated role-models; someone for your child to look up to who will give them a firm moral guidance. They can teach  etiquette and manners, how to cope in certain social situations, and be culturally aware. Unlike a tutor who has to focus on academics, Mentors are fully immersive and supportive, they can travel with you, live with your family, or provide support online or over the phone. For older students University Mentors can help with pressures of life and balancing the transition into life after university. They also provide helpful advice and moral support for the workplace; finding and securing a job.

  • We introduce inspiring mentors to motivate your child and improve their results
  • A mentor will unlock your child’s potential and help him or her to enjoy their school more
  • Mentors bring their own life-experience and passion to help your child.

Please read our mentoring case studies and if you feel that mentoring would be helpful, please contact us.