We introduce expert IGCSE Private Tutors

The IGCSE is a very different exam to the GCSE and as a result requires tutors who are familiar with the intricacies of its mark scheme. We can introduce expert British tutors to help students score the highest possible marks.

What is the difference between the IGCSE and GCSE?

Many students choose the IGCSE because they believe it is a more rigorous qualification than the GCSE. There is no coursework, and your grade is based solely upon the grade in the exam. IGCSE’s are very flexible and can be combined with other IGCSE’s or with GCSE’s.

Does IGCSE help you get into university?

We think it doesn’t make any difference – Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and other leading Russell Group universities don’t either. 

  • IGCSE can also be great for home schooling students because no coursework, just a final exam
  • Very useful for students who perform well in exam situations, and students who go on to study the IB