How to find an excellent IB private tutor

We only introduce private tutors who are IB specialists; with many years of IB teaching experience. This is necessary because International Baccalaureate is very different in teaching style to A-Levels; focusing more on independent, creative and critical thinking that challenges the accepted. Russell Group UK universities are usually looking for 40+ points at IB and international universities are similar. If you would like to know more about the tutors we introduce please complete an enquiry form.

IB or A-Levels – which is better?

The IB is a great qualification for those students who do not want to specialize in a particular area. It allows you to take six core subjects, including two languages (your own and another), sports, sciences and humanities. Most schools would advise sitting only three 3 A-Levels and compared to this, the IB will allow you to focus more widely, and not stick to a narrow range of subjects. The downside for some students is that it the IB goes into a little less depth, which may be important if you plan to study e.g Medicine at university.

Why choose the IB?

We live in an ever changing world where no one knows what jobs will be available in the future. A broad based education like the IB is likely to be very useful in terms of enhancing your child’s critical thinking ability. The International Baccalaureate disciplines of Creativity, Action and Service, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge encourage students to think and plan outside of the classroom, and to get involved with their community.

  • IB vs A-Levels – a difficult choice
  • We can help you decide what is best for your child’s unique learning style

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