Accurate and unbiased advice to help you choose and get into the best UK schools and universities

Parents from all over the world have trusted Simply Learning Tuition to secure places for their children at leading UK schools. Our Education Consultants regularly visit the UK’s leading schools and maintain close relationships with admissions staff. This allows us to give accurate, unbiased advice and to help you choose the school that is right for your child. We can then help to improve your child’s chances of a successful application. Please browse our school entrance case studies.

We are with you every step of the way

Our service is tailored for your child and supports the entire journey of school selection, right through to a successful application. If you are applying internationally, or coming from overseas, you might be told that your child needs additional support. This is quite normal and can be addressed by an online tutor, or sending someone to work with you for an appropriate amount of time. This will ensure that your child hits the ground running and will thrive at their new school. If additional tuition is required to pass an entrance exam, or to improve English Language we can organise this for you. After a place has been secured, we can then recommend our popular Boarding Schools Plus programme to enhance your child’s success at his or her new school. After school has started, we can introduce a UK School Mentor to provide regular support.

We offer a completely bespoke service

By giving you all the information you need in one easy place you are free to make the decision yourself. We match the school type, (independent, state, single sex or mixed sex, day school or boarding, London or countryside). We then look at your child’s personality – would your son be more suited to Eton, Harrow, or a more relaxed school. We find out all about your child’s interests – sport, art, drama and academics to help suggest a shortlist of schools that are realistic but ambitious. We then give you a detailed view of what the school is like. You can also talk to a tutor who has been to that school to get first hand information.

  • Advice from some of the UK’s leading Independent Schools Advisors
  • A full understanding of the aspirations of your child and your family
  • Fair and unbiased advice, we work for you not the schools

The next step is to a contact us to book a consultation. We see what stage you are at and what you are likely to need. We then complete an assessment of your child, and if necessary suggest an international private tutor to work with them either as a live-in tutor or an online tutor. We will then help you draw up a shortlist of schools, and investigate for you to see where there are places. We can organise every part of your application, including school visits – or you can take the shortlist and organise things for yourself. Having the right information makes a huge difference, so please get in touch so that you can be sure you are making the best possible choice for your child.