Looking for a job as a Nanny?

We are not a nanny agency. However, we do work closely with a number of London’s leading International Nanny placement agencies and would be delighted to recommend the most appropriate one for you to contact.

The difference between private tutors and nannies

The best tutors tend not to want to work as nannies, although many are flexible and have no objection to helping with the school run, working at school, or other jobs associated with nannies. However, our advice is that wherever possible, the tutor should not be requested to perform duties such as putting children to bed, dressing children. This affects the tutor – child relationship because it blurs boundaries and diminishes the authority of the tutor.

What to do next

If you are interested in working with a nanny, or governess, please use the enquiry form and we will send you contact details of a selection of companies who we have previously worked with and who will be able to help.

  • We are not a nanny agency but can introduce potential nannies to excellent agencies