Introducing the world’s best live-in, home school tutors

For families who travel extensively, or have homes in different countries, continuity of education can be a problem. In these cases, home schooling with private tutors can provide a solution that delivers the best learning programme to your child. We can help by introducing an inspiring private tutor or teacher who fits in perfectly with your family.

A fast, effective service that is built around the needs of your family

Private Tutors bring learning to life; using teaching methods that are carefully adapted to your child. This means that your child is learning in the way that works best for them. Tutors will tailor the lessons around your child’s activities and commitments and use the culture and resources of the location around them to bring the lessons to life. Learning beyond the classroom is exciting, fresh and effective.

Dynamic, dedicated and effective

In many cases the home schooling journey is temporary, perhaps in preparation for entrance to an international school, to catch up on work delayed by illness, or because of a student’s commitment to extra-curricular activities. For some children home schooling may replace school altogether. In these cases a particular calibre of tutor is required; one who can keep things fresh and make the learning fun for long periods.

  • A bespoke education wherever you are
  • Inspirational tutors
  • Guaranteed introduction and ongoing support from our experienced Education Consultants

The next step is to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Our consultants can advise you on whether or not homeschooling will be likely to work for your child. For now, we would suggest you look at a selection of our home schooling case studies.