How much does it cost to hire an international tutor?

The price of an international tutor depends on the kind of tutor you need. Please complete an enquiry form so that we can give you an accurate cost.

Typically, fees are as follows:

Pay Hourly (for online tuition only) £60 – £150

Pay Daily £350 – £500

Pay Weekly £2,000 – £5,000

Annual Contracts from £40,000 to £150,000

Please note that we charge a retainer fee of £750 before introducing an international private tutor. This is refunded when tuition commences, or if you are not happy with any of the tutors we introduce. All prices are in GBP.

We provide transparent fees and a personal service

When we give you a price, it will reflect exactly what you want the tutor to do for you. This will include the weekly schedule, expected work hours and holidays. We clearly break down the tutor’s salary and our commission.

When booking a tutor, you have total peace of mind. Our reputation has been built on the success of our tutor introductions and for that reason, we guarantee every introduction.

  • Free initial consultation with our Tuition Manager to outline your requirements
  • Transparent fees based on the skills and experience of the tutor
  • Guaranteed introductions.